There will be no referendum on expanding the taxation boundary that supports recreation, arts and culture facilities in the South Cariboo until at least 2021.

Cariboo Regional District Chair Margo Wagner says they had discussed looking to expand the current recreational boundaries for the tax service a while back.

She says they had originally set a target of going to referendum in June 2020 if there was enough public support.

“Once word kind of got out about this we had a lot of feedback from residents that were not ready to support this,” Wagner says. “We also felt that the time economically wasn’t a really good time to do it.”

Wagner says the main reason they were looking at doing the expansion is that they have a concern that within the next five to seven years they may struggle to maintain the current recreational services if they do not expand the boundaries.

“We also feel with the way the boundaries currently are it is going to be very hard for us to look at any other future recreation expansion services within the 100 Mile House area and I’m not necessarily talking about the pool. It could be something to do with the Outriders, there’s a variety of different recreational groups that are looking for some assistance.”

More information and opportunities for public engagement is expected to take place in 2020.

Wagner says the referendum will only go ahead if they feel they have the support for a positive outcome.

(Editor’s note: Listen to the author of this report with CRD Chair and Co-chair of the South Cariboo Joint Committee, Margo Wagner in the audio file below.)