The newest phase of the Connecting British Columbia program was launched earlier this (Monday) morning in the Council Chambers at the District of 100 Mile House.

The historic $50-million dollar fund will help many more Rural, remote and indigenous communities experience the benefits of high-speed internet.

Chair of the Cariboo Regional District, Margo Wagner was there for the announcement and said its good news for our region.

“We’re at like 75 percent who doesn’t have access to it and there’s a high percentage of First Nations who do not have access to it too. The Provincial Government and the Federal Government have made connecting people one of their top priorities which is good to see,” Wagner said.

“The basic premise behind it, not the only premise, especially for the Province their mandate is to provide good level broadband to rural and rural remote communities, so they’re focusing on the rural remote and the First Nations where it’s tough to get broadband into for good service so it’s exciting”.

Margo said it was great that 100 Mile House was chosen for today’s launch.