The strike by the Faculty Association at UNBC has now passed the two week mark.

46 Quesnel students have been impacted.

Matt Wood, the Manager of Communications and Marketing with UNBC, says that has not gone unnoticed by the university…

“I can tell you that there is a lot of empathy for the students right now at UNBC. That’s why, one of the reasons why the university has pledged that we are looking at a pro-rated credit of some sort. And of course, what that looks like depends on the length of the strike.”

Wood provided the following update late yesterday…

“As of today, the teams have been meeting all day today having conversations, as they also do at the negotiating table, and they’re at it as we speak this afternoon.”

Pickets are not up at the Quesnel campus however, that is shared with the College of New Caledonia.

As a result, CNC students are not being impacted.

The strike began back on November 7th.