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Today marks the ninth day of cancelled classes at UNBC, with job action lasting a total of thirteen days.

The UNBC Faculty Association rejected the employer’s latest proposal and instead decided to present a new proposal, which UNBC is currently considering.

As apart of necessary due diligence, UNBC is required to carefully review each proposal, considering total cost as well as a consultation with the Public Sector Employer’s Counsel’s (PSEC) Secretariat.

46 students are impacted at the Quesnel campus.

Undergraduate student representative Holly McVay talks about the dispute…

“There are students that are on both sides of the issue. Everyone is a little bit frustrated, but there are people that appreciate what’s going on and what people are fighting for, and there are some that just want to get back to classes”

As a result, the student union has remained neutral on the issue to most accurately represent student interests.

McVay explained that the potential impact for students remains ambiguous as there are currently no concrete plans in place.

A return date for students has not yet been set.

Updates on the faculty association strike are available on UNBC’s website.