Lawsuit filed by fifteen young people against federal government over climate change

Fifteen young people have filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming their health has suffered due to climate change.

Experts say it’s going to be difficult to prove that. However, at a rally in Vancouver outside Federal Court, one 13-year-old girl involved in the suit said she does not want to die before she’s had a chance to live.

Liberal MP Jim Carr undergoing treatment for blood cancer

Winnipeg Liberal MP Jim Carr is getting chemotherapy for blood cancer after being told he had the disease right after being re-elected on Monday.

Words from well wishers are pouring in for the cabinet minister, including from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Jury finds man guilty of eleven charges following attack in Edmonton

An Edmonton jury has found 32-year-old man guilty of all 11 charges he was facing after an attack following a CFL game two years ago.

He struck a police officer with a car before stabbing him multiple times, then hit four pedestrians with a van during a police chase through downtown Edmonton. He was not represented by a lawyer during the three-week trial

Ambassadors agree to Brexit extension request

Ambassadors from the other 27 nations in the European Union have agreed to grant Britain’s request for another extension to the Brexit deadline.

However they haven’t agreed on how long the delay should be.