Election Day in Canada

Canadians head to the polls Monday to cast their ballots in what has been a tightly-contested federal election campaign.

Monday’s voting in the federal election starts in Atlantic Canada, where polls open at 8:30 a.m.local time. This is the 43rd general election in Canadian history.

British Prime Minister expected to push for vote on Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to push for a vote on his EU divorce deal as Parliament prepares for a week of guerrilla warfare over the affair.

Johnson plans to kick things off by asking for a “straight up-and-down vote” on his proposed Brexit agreement today, two days after lawmakers voted to delay approving the deal.

China’s defence minister makes strong comments

China’s defence minister issued a stinging rebuke of the U.S. at a defence forum in Beijing, saying his country wouldn’t be fazed by sanctions and pressure.

While the minister didn’t refer directly to the U.S. in his opening remarks, he repeated phrases Beijing often uses when talking about the United States and its Western allies.