Advance polls for the federal election opened up today throughout the Cariboo.

Andrea Marantz is a spokesperson for Elections Canada…

“Advance polls go for four days this year…Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday…and they’re open twelve hours a day from 9 am to 9 pm. That’s because Canadians have expressed a lot of interest in voting at advance polls. They’re worried that maybe the weather will be rotten on election day, or they’ll have other things on, so giving people the option to vote over that period of four days in the advance polls is something people really want.”

Marantz says almost twice as many people took advantage of the advance polls in the last election in 2015.

North Cariboo residents can go to the Anglican Church on Kinchant Street in Quesnel or to the lodge on Maple Heights Road.

In the Central Cariboo, there is the Seniors Activity Centre in Williams Lake as well as the Alexis Creek Community Hall.

And in the South Cariboo, the two options are the elections office on Birch Avenue and the Creekside Seniors Centre on Cedar Avenue.

Unlike provincial elections, electors can only vote at their assigned polling station in federal elections.

You can find out where you are supposed to vote on the back of your voter identification card, by visiting, or by calling 1-800-463-6868.

In order to vote, individuals must prove their identity and address.