Taxpayers in the sub regional recreation area in the North Cariboo will be paying 2 1/2 percent more in 2020.

The North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee unanimously approved the increase at this week’s meeting.

The total requisition is for just under four million dollars ($3,986,660.00), and includes more money, 50-thousand dollars, for the development of trails in the region.

The committee, at the urging of Cariboo Regional District Area A Director Mary Sjostrom, will also take some money out of reserves for more railings at the West Fraser Centre…

“I feel and felt strongly that we need to have some railings, even if was only 50 percent of them, and I was under the impression that the motion that I made that we would take 25 thousand dollars for 2019 out of the surplus and then it would go automatically into the budget.”

One and a half percent of this year’s 2 1/2 % increase is due to inflation.

The report, delivered on Tuesday night, also indicated that the operating costs for the new West Fraser Centre continue to be higher than anticipated, which has placed considerable strain on the Municipal Contract Operating Budget.

Operating budgets for the rural Recreation Commissions have been increased by 1.5 % which is consistent with the municipal contract.

Funding for the Alex Fraser Park Society was increased substantially in 2019 and has been maintained at the same level.

Funding for the Quesnel Youth Soccer Association to manage the soccer complex is linked to the cost of the of living increase in accordance with their management agreement, and the Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission requested a three percent increase in their operating subsidy for 2020.

The Committee also approved a 2 1/2 percent increase to sub regional rec for the remaining years in the five year financial plan as well which take it up to 2024.