Runners and walkers of all ages are getting ready to take part in an annual fall event in the Lakecity.

The Harvest Run/Walk/Bike event will get underway Sunday with participants choosing to do either the 5 or 10k loop. In addition to enjoying a leisurely stroll through the City, a harvest scavenger hunt is also planned.

“There will also be pumpkins along the route that have numbers on them, and if you find all the numbers of all the pumpkins on the route then you will be eligible to win a free family swim pass,” said recreation coordinator Denise Skarra.

The Annual Harvest Run/Walk/Bike Event starts Sunday morning at 11 and finishes at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex.

Skarra said everyone will have the choice of doing either the 5 or 10 k loop

“If you can do the loop once then that would give you the 5-kilometer distance. If you’re feeling really energetic, you can do the 10-kilometer which means you’ll be doing the loop twice,” she said.

“We meander down over to where Rona is, then turn onto Second and then we go up to Moon Avenue and we do a little bit of a roundabout and come back down onto Pigeon Drive.”