If you feel like we’ve had a lot of rain lately, you’re right.

Doug Lundquist, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada, says Williams Lake has seen nearly double what it normally gets when it comes to precipitation over the last 30 days…

“Williams Lake, in the last 30 days, we usually get around 35 millimeters, we’re closer to 70 so it’s close to double right now the precipitation we usually have in the last 30 days . So very wet in the south in Williams Lake.”

Lundquist says Quesnel has had around 61 millimeters of rain so far this month, also more than the normal 49.

He says while they don’t have numbers for the South Cariboo, it was likely wetter than normal in 100 Mile House as well.

Looking ahead, he says more showers are expected over the weekend, which will only add to those totals.