Mike Morris, previously a member of the RCMP for 32 years and currently the MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie, urged governments of all levels, during a stop in Quesnel, to make major investments in this area.

Morris says while there may be a place for harm reduction and safe injection sites to a degree, he would prefer a treatment center with no opioids to perpetuate the situation…

“I do believe that a treatment center with no drugs is the way to go, with no opioids to perpetuate that addiction. There are all kinds of examples around the world where that works. I think it’s a cop out to say we’ll provide free drugs and that way they don’t have to buy it off the dealers and what not, we’re still doing irreparable damage to these individuals that use it, and letting other people know well I guess it must be OK because the government is supporting it.”

Morris says it is also important that they get involved in those individuals lives as early as possible in the process…

“That we identify that they have an addictions issue before it gets to the point where they cause permanent damage to themselves, we’re a generation away from that at least. If we were to change tomorrow and start providing all these different services, I think we are a generation away from seeing the fruits of our labour at the end of the day, but we need to start some place.”

Morris says quite often homelessness and addictions and mental illnesses are all interrelated, and he says there needs to be facilities for these individuals to go to for help.

He says an integrated approach is needed.