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Hundreds take part in Global Climate Strike and March in Williams Lake

Where is our climate change denying Mayor Walt Cobb?

That was a question asked by one of the more than hundred people who took part in a Global Climate Strike and March in Williams Lake that ended Friday afternoon outside City Hall.

Co-organizer Erin Hitchcock said she was disappointed that Cobb was not there.

“I would really like him to hear what a good amount of people in this community think about what’s going on and what we are asking City Council to do,” Hitchcock said.

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“I did see a couple of City Councillors earlier today.”

Taking part in the Climate Strike was Councillor Ivan Bonnell with Councillor Scott Nelson making a stop with the group before they departed Red Shreds.

Hitchcock said it was nice to see that they are at least taking an interest.

“I think that we just have to keep pushing City Council, provincial and federal governments, and the world to take this seriously and really start talking about it because a lot of people just aren’t talking about this issue and it’s the most important issue that has ever taken place.”

Mayor Walt Cobb told MyCaribooNow that he does not participate in demonstrations.

Cobb said while he does believe the climate is changing and we are getting warmer, he does not agree with or believe everything scientists are saying.

“Problem is with computer modeling you put garbage in, you get garbage out,” Cobb said.

“So to me there is no definite proof of some of the stuff they’re saying, and one scientist will say one thing and one scientist says another, so to me, it’s either fact or it’s fiction.”

Hitchcock and co-organizer Tom Salley have both launched petitions that they plan at some point to present to City Council.

Hitchock’s petition asks council to declare a climate emergency and take the necessary steps that are within their power to reduce the amount of emissions that Williams Lake is creating and contributing to climate change. Salley’s petition meanwhile is asking Williams Lake City Hall and Council to press other levels of government for a new green deal for Canada.

Both said they were pleased with the number of attendees of all ages including youth taking part in the Strike.

“Erin lined up contacts and we were able to go to speak to three classes at the school, so that was exciting and fun and they were stoked to come,” Salley said.

“So we were glad to see them here and you listened to most of them make their speeches and that was a lot of effort on their part.”

“It’s really important that they be a part of this because it is their future,” Hitchcock added.

“Someone said it’s all of our responsibilities, it’s just not the youth. We have to fix the mistakes that our generation and the generation before us has made because we are dumping this on them, so we need to support them and think about them and do what they need; they need a healthy planet to live on.”

“It just can’t go on this way,” Salley said.

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