A Quesnel hunter is safe and sound after a cold night out in the bush.

Bob Zimmerman, the President of Quesnel Search and Rescue, says two hunters were hunting in the bush off the 200 road off the Quesnel-Hixon Road yesterday afternoon when they got separated at around four o’clock.

“We received a call at around 22-hundred, 10-15 pm. The RCMP were heading out to the scene with a police service dog to check the area to see if they could find the fellow, so we waited until first light this morning about sending a team of trackers out.”

Zimmerman says that ended up not being necessary…

“We were just ready to head out the door here and at 8-30 we got a call from the RCMP advising that the person had shown up at work cold and wet. He had managed to walk and get a ride into town early this morning and showed up at work.”

Zimmerman says the man wasn’t really prepared for overnight, and he remains people to always be prepared for the unknown when heading out into the bush.