The Life After 60 Seniors Living Well program is now underway in Quesnel.

Susan MacNeill, with the Seniors Advocacy Service, is also the Coordinator of the program.

She says the idea is that it will pick up the slack where healthcare ends…

“So those people that might need assistance with dental care, not dentures, but dental care, hearing aids, eye glasses, over the counter medications, wheelchairs, those sorts of things, we’re trying to help people get those things. So this will enable them to have a better quality of life and live well.”

MacNeill says they have had clients already fill out their application already.

Here, she explains how people can apply..

“They need to come to our office, which is in the West Park Mall, or they can find an application on the website, and that is”

MacNeill says they will be relying on fundraisers to keep the program going and they hope to have a lottery up and running within the next few years.