A controversial rezoning application in 100 Mile House has been approved by District council.

At a public hearing on Aug. 20 supporters and those against the property rezoning voiced their concerns. The property is located along Exeter truck route, and one of the industrial uses for the land would possibly be a cannabis production facility.

Mayor Mitch Campsall said the rezoning was to give more ability to use the land in the area. Previously the land had been zoned for commercial vehicle use.

“I know there were people against it and there were people for it, but the council made a decision and I will stand by council,” Campsall said.

“Council is on the right track.”

Council addressed the small group of attendees last night, thanking the public for their input and saying it does not mean they are going to jump into anything, but they need to assess and welcome any business that can create jobs and sustain the town.