The year over year unemployment rate was on the rise in the Cariboo region last month.

Emmanuelle Bourbeau, a Labour Market Analyst with Statistics Canada, goes over some of the numbers…

“The unemployment rate increased to 6.2 percent in the Cariboo region as more people looked for work in August compared with 12 months earlier. The unemployment rate in the Cariboo was 5 percent in August of 2018.”

Bourbeau says there were actually around 400 more people working in the Cariboo region last month compared to a year ago, but she says there around 11-hundred more people looking for work.

In terms of movement in the different sectors, Bourbeau says there were employment increases in natural resources and transportation and warehousing, and decreases in manufacturing and construction.

BC’s jobless rate was an even 5 percent, down from 5.1 a year ago.

Quebec now has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 4.7 percent.