Effective September 1st, Jennifer Woollends will take over that job.

Board Chair Gloria Jackson talks about the process that went into hiring Woollends…

“For the Secretary-Treasurer position the Superintendent is actively involved. They get their resumes. I believe we posted the position in June and shortlisted and our HR Director the the Vice Chair this time were involved in the interviews with the senior management team, and they found a successful candidate.”

Woolends is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is currently the Operations Controller at West Fraser where she has worked in a number of capacities since 2007.

She takes over from Bettina Ketcham who is relocating to the Lower Mainland.

Jackson says Ketcham did a great job for the District…

“She has been a vital part of the senior administration team and she has just helped us out immensely, we are happy for her that she is relocating and going onto new opportunities with her family, but we will certainly miss her for sure.”

Ketcham had been with the District since September of 2015.