The province’s select standing committee on finance that made a stop in Quesnel in June has come out with its recommendations.

Committee Chair Bob D’eith, also the NDP Maple Ridge-Mission MLA, says there are 106 in total.

Not surprisingly a lot of them focused on healthcare…

“With an aging population, we see this already, there is a lot of pressure on our healthcare system so there was certainly a lot of comments around community care and seniors and making sure we have adequate care for seniors moving forward.”

D’eith says mental health and addictions and making sure there were enough resources in those areas was also a popular topic.

He says there was also one healthcare related recommendation that focused on rural and remove areas of the province…

“Digital health and trying to expand on tele health, which is the ability to get a doctor via Skype or other types of electronic means and try to figure out ways we can do things differently.”

Other topics besides healthcare that came up a lot included housing, wildlife protection, climate change and the environment, and invasive species.

D’eith says the sessions were all well attended and he says the recommendations have went to all of the ministries, including the Finance Minister, to be considered in the upcoming budget.