The snow might not be here just yet, but if you are a vehicle owner you’re going to be needing those winter tires; today marks the first of the winter driving season across the province.

Drive BC is reminding drivers that as a legislated law is now in effect that requires vehicles to have winter tires.

Todd Hubner, District Manager of Transportation for the Cariboo District, shares some specs on winter tire.

“A winter tire is one that either has the snowflake symbol or one that has an M + S logo on the side of it…If you have what would be deemed an all season tire, it may be acceptable if it’s got the M + S on it, but to get a good winter tire I would certainly encourage people to either go with the snowflake or the M + S.”

Hubner adds that it is important for drivers to have winter tires, as they can save lives on potentially hazardous winter highways.

“Where the rubber hits the road is the first factor when you’re looking at motor-vehicle safety. Winter tires today are designed such that they’ve got specified rubber components in them that give you added traction…The last thing that we or any first responder want to be doing is responding to an incident on the road or roadside, where tires are determining factor in the incident.”

BC highways require passenger vehicles to use winter tires and commercial vehicles to carry chains from Oct. 1 until March 31.

For further information on winter tires and driving, you can visit online: Shift Into Winter