The Cariboo Regional District Director for Area A says they are trying to address the safety concerns of the family that lost their daughter in a fatal pedestrian accident on Maple Drive.

Mary Sjostrom says she met with the family of Amanda Burns and is aware of the petition they have calling for proper lighting and an appropriate sidewalk…

“The Ministry had some engineers up and they were looking at all different areas where they could address concerns. Now to what degree the crosswalk might look like I don’t know but they certainly have committed to a crosswalk there, across from Mountain Ash and Kube, as well as increased signage.”

Sjostrom says there was also talk about possibly lowering the speed limit.

“The Ministry is definitely looking at some safety initiatives that they can do, but they’re waiting to see what the feasibility study looks like when we have it completed.”

Sjostrom says she hopes to see some changes this year, although Sjostrom says lighting will have to wait as they are waiting for cost estimates and then they have to figure out how to pay for it…

“As far as the lighting I have already been told that it’ll have to be 2020 and it will have to depend bottom line whether the residents, because in the regional district it’s up to the homeowners to bear that increase, so that’s where we really need to know what the costs are.”

Sjostrom says they will look for other funding sources.

She says she hopes to have a community meeting to update the public sometime in late September or early October.