Premier John Horgan was in the Cariboo touring the area of the Big Bar slide on Wednesday. The slide, which occurred sometime around June 23rd partially blocked the Fraser River near Big Bar, BC near Clinton, putting the salmon run in jeopardy.

Horgan says the people working tirelessly to help the salmon are doing an extraordinary job, but it will be at least another week if they will know if they will be successful.

A provincial, federal, and first nations government effort is underway to help salmon pass through the obstruction to reach the spawning grounds.

Horgan says the unprecedented effort between technical experts, government and first nations is working on three fronts, stabilizing the slide site, restoring an open passage in the river for fish, and ensure the fish can move freely upstream to their spawning grounds.

Several measures are being implemented or evaluated including moving rocks to create natural fish ladders, aluminum fish ladders will be deployed, and moving fish by helicopter and fish transport tanks, which is practical only for small numbers of fish.