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Traditional Archery on Target for Another Year

100 Mile’s Bighorn Archery Club held their annual traditional shoot over the weekend.

Organizer Denise Swift says 90 archers from all over BC participated.

Among the weekend’s 1st place finishers was Dan Yalowega in men’s adult Longbow, Shirley Boyd in women’s adult longbow, Cooper Monaghan in youth male longbow, and Taylor Scovil in youth female longbow. Cub longbow went to Autumn Narver, and the youngest category for those archers less than seven years old went to Elijah Phillips-Watts in recurve.

The winner of the novelty Hunter’s Course was Fred Streleoff from Williams Lake.

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The full results:

Adult Longbow: 1st Place: Dan Yalowega 2nd Place: Yak Crame 3rd Place:  Keith Monaghan
Master’s Longbow: 1st Place: Bud Dettling 2nd Place:  Lloyd Wetton 3rd Place: Jim Jones
Adult Recurve: 1st Place: Marc Britton Fred Streleoff 3rd Place: Dan Mobbs
Master’s Recurve: 1st Place: Darcy Nygaard 2nd Place: Ron Ewing 3rd Place:  Lorne McBeth

Master’s Longbow: 1st Place: Shirley Boyd 2nd Place: Denise Swift (100 Mile House) 3rd Place:  Sandra Pickering(100 Mile House)
Adult Longbow: 1st Place: Miranda Sparkes 2nd Place: Jessie Mobbs 3rd Place:  Bless Phillips-Watts
Master’s Recurve: 1st Place: Lorna Sandhals 2nd Place: Leslie Lorenzetto(100 Mile House)
Adult Recurve: 1st Place: Katie Britton 2nd Place: Natalie Yeung 3rd Place: Trudy Foster(100 Mile House)

Junior (11 – 13)
Male Longbow: Cooper Monaghan
Female Recurve: Kayla Erickson

Youth (14 – 17)
Female Longbow: Taylor Scovill
Male Longbow: Ethan Monaghan
Female Recurve: Alexis McComber

Cub (8 – 10)
Longbow: Autumn Narver
Recurve: Nikolai Benson

Tot (Less than 7 yrs old)
Recurve: Elijah Phillips-Watts

Adult Female: Kira Saenger
Adult Male: Emmet Suttill

Shoot Sponsor Timbr-Mart
Master’s Male (>60 yrs) Ted Swift(100 Mile House)

Novelty Hunter’s Course: Fred Streleoff (Williams Lake)

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