The name of a Williams Lake pro boxer has been added to the list of approved names for consideration in future street naming processes.

City Council agreed at this week’s regular council meeting to add Stuart McLellan’s last name to the list.

“I didn’t know anything this, and my wife and my friend kind of surprised me with it by nominating me for however it works,” McLellan said.

“It’s very exciting to me.”

Legislative Services Coordinator Rena Schill noted that McLellan has brought both national and international recognition to Williams Lake and that the application met all criteria for approval.

McLellan hopes to have his next fight in September or October.

“I’m down at the gym and working with a lot of the amateurs as well as training myself,” he said.

“I’m the old veteran now so I’m kind of setting the stage for the younger guys. I got two brothers who are 18 and 21 coming up and I just want to have them so they can have the opportunity to do what I did without learning everything the hard way.”