For over 130 years, 100 Mile House has been a place for travelers to stop and recharge for the trip north or south.

Soon travelers will be able to do that literally, as a new electric vehicle charging station is being installed later this summer. The station will be a class one, or fast charger.

Mayor Mitch Campsall says it will be a great boost to tourism for the area. “It’s exciting because this is something we’ve been working on for about 2 years. That’s tourism coming into our community. We want to thank everybody involved especially my staff members. It’s just great news… great news.”

The station will be installed at the visitor’s info center off of Highway 97 at Wrangler way, according to Joanne Doddridge, Planning director for the district. Doddridge says the charging station should be completed and operating in late August or September.

12 stations have been installed in the bc charging station network project, with nine more scheduled to be built by end of summer.