It is never too early or too late to fire smart your property.

United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo is reminding seniors and community members facing mobility and or mental health barriers that they are still available to give a helping hand through their Fire Mitigation Project that is continuing until mid-August.

“I think the rain has kind of got people not thinking so much about fire smart as much as they would if it was smoking hot, but it’s still a great thing to do and it’s important,” said Spring Wiebe, project supervisor in Williams Lake.

“It eases your mind having it done and it’s especially important for those of us who have mobility or mental health barriers and are having difficulty or are unable to complete some of these activities themselves, so that’s where we come in and we’re happy to come and help.”

The project launched in August 2018 and was originally scheduled to end in April this year.

Wiebe said they have been able to so far help fire smart about 56 properties in Williams Lake and surrounding area.

“We’ve got four able-bodied crew members here that are happy to be able to come out and do some work. I’ve got a great big trailer and a pickup truck, so we’re quite capable to do quite a bit of work. We’ve done some pretty great work at quite a lot of properties so it would be nice if we could continue to do so until the end of our project.”