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Prince George Teaching Assistant Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Offenses

(Files By Cole Kelly)

Warning: This article contains sensitive, explicit information that may be triggering to some readers

A 48-year-old teaching assistant who worked at an elementary school pled guilty in the Prince George Provincial Court to one count of making child pornography and one count of accessing child pornography.

The woman, only identified as ‘S.L.G’ and ‘Ms. G’ is a mother of three adults, a 16-year-old son and has six grandchildren.

In the Reasons for Sentence, Judge C. Malfair said on the internet chat platform “AirG,” the teaching assistant created an account under the user name “trained_dog” with which she engaged in explicit sexual conversations with user “daddy669” about abusing children and viewed images of child pornography provided by him.

AirG reported these communications to U.S. authorities who in turn advised the National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre. Production orders and search warrants were obtained May 2 and 3, 2018. Ms. G. was arrested on May 4, 2018.

She was sentenced to 14 months in prison and three years probation on May 16th of this year.

Malfair described the conversations between the two as “vile and depraved.” In those communications, Ms. G. told daddy669 she has children and grandchildren and provided him with their ages.

She sent him pictures of two of her granddaughters and one grandson, the judge said daddy669 described his intentions with the photos in “revolting and dehumanizing detail.”

“On multiple occasions, Ms. G. introduced the pain and suffering of the children they fantasized about abusing as a feature of sexual arousal,” said the judge.

Police found seventy-two (unduplicated) child pornography images on Ms. G’s phone sent to her by daddy669 on the online chatroom Kik.

When speaking to police, Ms. G. said she had never been “turned on” by her grandchildren, but she was “turned on” by the chat. Malfair said she regrets her actions and is mortified by her behaviour.

“She feels a lot of shame and has lost her job, dignity, and reputation.”

In a psychological assessment prepared by Dr. Weibe, Ms. G said that the child pornography images did not excite her and she did not look at them more than once before deleting them.

With respect to risk, Ms. G. told police she has had “thoughts” her whole life but would never molest a child. She thinks about men molesting children, qualifying that this was because of her own childhood abuse. She stated that she was 47 years old “and if [she] was going to molest a child, [she] probably would have done it already.”

Before the judgment, Malfair said this:

“The child pornography Ms. G. made involved her own grandchildren, contemplated abusing real children, and contained sadistic undertones. Ms. G. accessed a significant number of images, some of which fell on the extreme end of depravity such as penetrative acts with adults and one image of child bestiality.”

“There is no suggestion Ms. G. distributed any child pornography images to daddy669 or anyone else. There is nothing to suggest she sought out images of child pornography independent of receiving or being directed to access, images at the behest of daddy669.”

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