A 22-year old UNBC student is running for the Green Party in the Cariboo North riding in the upcoming federal election.

Mackenzie Kerr has announced her candidacy…

“I have lived in Prince George for 13 years and call Prince George home. I am currently a student at UNBC studying forestry and I grew up on a farm my entire life. I really feel we need more people in politics that are not career politicians, people that are connected to their communities and have a vested interest in really representing their constituents to the fullest extent in Ottawa.”

Kerr says she decided to run because she is upset at what’s happening in Ottawa right now…

“Action on the climate crisis obviously is on the top of my mind because I am young and trying to figure out what the next 50 years looks like is a little bit daunting right now. I also see mills closing all over the place and with pine beetles and wildfires, I really think there needs to be a voice in Ottawa speaking to help make our forest industry more sustainable. Agriculture is obviously very connected to my heart so I really think that farmers need more credit and a little bit more help to have a more sustainable industry as well.”

Kerr says being a young person and a student and a renter, she understands the need for affordable housing as well and also favours a universal basic income.

Kerr says it’s time for the adults in Ottawa to stop acting like kids…

“I definitely think there are a lot of irresponsible actions happening in Ottawa right now, I mean if you ever watch a House of Commons video with all of the heckling going on it’s actually really revolting I find, I don’t think that it should be like that, I don’t think that politicians should be paid to yell across the isle and represent us that way.”

Kerr says it’s time for normal conversations and less heckling in Ottawa, and she says the Green Party doesn’t heckle, adding that it’s right in their constitution.

She says they are about having cordial, respectful conversations about topics with everyone from every party.

Kerr says if another party brings a good idea they will support them.