It was a special occasion at Williams Lake’s oldest building.

The Station House that would formally become a cultural arts centre in 1981 celebrated its 100th birthday Thursday.

“The first celebration went amazing,” said Lori Macala, President of the Station House Studio and Gallery Society.

“There was so many people at the station house last night, we just had a great time. There are two shows; one upstairs and the main show in the main gallery was just so cool. I really enjoyed it.”

A mural depicting the original days of the Station House in Williams Lake. (P Matthews, staff)

Attending the celebrations were Williams Lake Mayor Walt Cobb and MLA Donna Barnett who Macala said presented them with a plaque.

Cobb said he remembers when a group of concerned citizens formed the Society to preserve the Station House after it fell into a state of disrepair in the 70s.

“I had my business in town and I know two of the ladies. Liz Robertson was on Council as well as Dru Hodgson who was a well-known person in town, the Hodgson family, of course, they were the ones that initiated it all and got the Society together and saved the building,” Cobb said.

“So it was a great event, good turnout, and lots of memories of what Williams Lake used to look like. There was lots of pictures and photographs and artwork of the old part of town.”

Macala said the next event to mark the Station House’s 100th birthday will be a Cariboo homecoming celebration in October at the Elks Halls in which there will be music, dancing, and food.

“It’s the oldest the building still in use in Williams Lake and it needs to celebrated,” Macala said.

“It was completed in November of 1919 and the first train came through in January of 1920, and it’s just exciting to be part of something that is that old. It’s 100 years old!”