I scream we all scream for ice cream on Exshaw Crescent.

A three-year temporary use permit to allow retail food use on the subject property located at 224 Exshaw Crescent on the condition that the entrance and exit to the premise face Broadway Avenue was approved by Williams Lake City Council this week.

(City of Williams Lake)

“I have property that is immediately across from the proposed ice cream parlor and my daughter and her family live there,” said one resident.

“This property is on Broadway and the street runs up Exshaw. If the ice cream parlor opening was to be on Broadway for people to get their ice cream I would find no fault with it at all. If they have to come up Exshaw and get their ice cream from the Exshaw entrance and exit from that I am not in favor. There’s just too much traffic because it goes all the way to the top of the hill.”

The 10 ft. by 10 ft. shed on the property is currently used for storage, and City Planner Hasib Nadvi noted in a report to Council that given the small scale of the commercial use, staff was not opposed to it.  Nadvi also said that staff felt there will be plenty of room for adequate parking as the business is primary takeout in nature and there will not be any seating arrangements for a long duration.

One of the two co-owners told MyCaribooNow that they hope to have the seasonal ice cream strand operational by this summer and offer at least twenty different flavors of hard ice cream.