The annual Tim Hortons Camp day took place at the 100 Mile House June 5th.

Steve McPhail, owner of Tim Hortons in 100 Mile House says it went very well.

“Between coffee sales, donations, bracelets sales, and our 100 Mile Fire Department windshield washing team, who did a fantastic job out there, we raised just shy of $5000 dollars.”.

The volunteers also included MLA Donna Barnett, CRD director Al Richmond, and RCMP Detachment commander Svend Nielsen.

McPhail says that the camp process has changed a bit and the foundation is focusing on getting older kids into 5-year programs which are giving great results. He thanks all the volunteers and everyone who helped out.

100 percent of the proceeds of camp day go to the Tim Hortons foundation camps. Throughout the country last year over 13 million dollars was raised.