It was a day of unsettled weather conditions in many parts of B.C. including the Cariboo Thursday.

“Along with showers, there were also some pretty good thunderstorms,” Environment Canada meteorologist Bobby Sekhon said.

“We did see a cluster of thunderstorms near the Sheridan Lake area yesterday, kind of late afternoon into the evening, and with that came some hail as well as we’ve seen some images circulating.”

Sheridan Lake residents reported on social media receiving as much as two inches of hail.

“With these upper troughs in June with a cooler atmosphere you can get hail coming down, and the matter of accumulations is just how fast the thunderstorms are going and how many thunderstorms there are, so getting a couple of inches of hail is not entirely of the ordinary but it certainly seems like it was concentrated in that area.”

Sekhon said unsettled conditions are expected to continue into this Friday evening, and getting into warm and dry conditions with temperatures near or above normal next week.

“For the next couple of weeks it does look like a pretty good chance of being above normal temperatures, and then for the summer these seasonal forecasts are to be taken with a grain of salt, however, it does look to be showing above normal temperatures over the span of the summer but by how much and exactly which areas will be most impacted we can’t get to that scale,” he said.

“But overall it looks especially towards western British Columbia that it’s going to be a warmer than normal summer.”