Janice Lockyer, Communications Adivisor with Tolko Industries, says one potential landing spot is in Williams Lake…

“There is some potential that exists. As you know we have a mill that’s restarting in Lakeview so there would probably be some opportunity there yes.”

Lockyer says Lakeview is back up and running after it was damaged in a fire back in 2017.

She says it is now moving through it’s start-up phase however, something that could take another eight to ten weeks or more in terms of moving from testing the machines to getting back to full operations.

The Quesnel mill, however, won’t close until August 2nd.

Lockyer says other opportunities also exist…

“Over the coming weeks our HR team will be working on transition packages and supports for people. We’ll be working with agencies such as Work BC and other government agencies to help provide information and opportunities that are available at Tolko and in other organizations in Quesnel and beyond. Sometimes other companies in the area call us and ask if it’s OK to reach out to our employees. Tolko also has opportunities available in Alberta and in BC that will be making people aware of.”

As for Tolko’s timber supply in the Quesnel area, which is roughly 400 thousand cubic meters, Lockyer says it will be used to sort of solidify their operations in Williams Lake.