If you don’t succeed at first, try, try, try again.

Earth to Sky Cannabis is seeking to add a cannabis store at a new downtown location in Williams Lake.

The store would be located at 105 Second Avenue North at the Town Centre across from Domino’s.

Director of Development Services Leah Hartley with City Planner Hasib Nadvi said as per the City’s Zoning Bylaw a cannabis retail store cannot be within 300 meters of a school or daycare.

The proposed location is situated approximately 225 meters (as the bird flies) from both the Cariboo Friendship Society’s daycare opening at 254 First Avenue North and Exploring the Puddles daycare operating at 279 Third Avenue North.

The distance to Marie Sharpe Elementary School exceeds 300 meters.

“Overall, staff are supportive of the requested Development Variance Permit being that it is in the downtown area, meets the required minimum distance of 300 meters from schools and the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Centre, and that nearby daycare facilities are situated on adjacent streets and greater than 300 meters walking distance,” Hartley and Nadvi said.

The company’s previous proposal for a cannabis store in the part of the building housing End of the Roll was rejected by City Council in January due to the close proximity to the Salvation Army.

Final consideration of the proposal by City Council is scheduled for July 16.