School District 27’s Heavy Metal Rocks in Williams Lake will wrap Saturday (May 11) afternoon with a wind-up barbeque and awards.

Coordinator of Career Programs Dave Corbett said they were having an outstanding time Friday at the Centennial Gravel Pit.

Photo: R Dyok, MyCaribooNow

“This is our third day on the pit site and we’re having a great time. It’s going well. The weather is more than excellent; it’s very hot, lots of water going through everybody,” he said.

“We have twenty-four pieces of equipment again this year, twenty-four trainers, and twenty-four students of course learning on each piece of equipment.”

Corbett said their first day was orientation and time getting things setup including their first aid and muster station.

“This is our eighth year to my knowledge that we’ve been running it, and it’s been a success and building each year which is very exciting,” he said.

“We have a huge buy-in from many sponsors, contractors, and businesses in our area. Almost 50 different businesses in the Williams Lake area take part in this event and help our young people to get trained. Donating equipment, donating their time to do training, donating the lowbeds to haul equipment in and out, and it’s just a really exciting example of the buy-in of our community to make these things happen.”

Heavy Metal Rocks will be in 100 Mile House for the first time starting in the next couple of weeks at 61 Mile gravel pit with twelve Peter Skene Ogden Secondary students and twelve pieces of equipment.

“We’re very excited,” Corbett said.

“People of 100 Mile, the businesses in the area have fully bought in and it’s been very exciting working with them and planning this one up.”