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Third Alert Ready System Test Completed

Update: Emergency Preparedness week continues fresh off the test of the alert Ready system that took place earlier this afternoon (Wednesday, May 8).

“This is the time of year this week where we’re reminding British Columbians that they have a role to play when it comes to emergency preparedness,” said Jennifer Rice, Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness.

“All levels of government have a role to play, but we also count on individuals to think about their own personal preparedness.”

Rice adds that she believes the last two years of wildfires and flooding, in particular, has really been a wake-up call for British Columbians.

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“We’re hoping that considering those conditions and considering that we’re in an unprecedented drought that people will take this much, much more seriously than we have historically and acknowledge that they have a role to play in their own personal emergency preparedness.”

PreparedBC recommends focusing on three key steps:

  •  know the hazards in your local area
  •  make a plan to help keep focused and safe during an emergency
  • build an emergency kit and assemble grab-and-go bags.

Original Story: This Is Only A Test

For the third time, the province will be testing the Alert Ready system.

“We’re hoping that most people who have modern phones,” said Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness, Jennifer Rice.

“So an LTE or a 4-G compatible phone and have their operating system updated will receive a test message, an emergency test message, at 1:55.”

Rice said this testing is designed to assess the system’s readiness for an actual emergency and identify any adjustments that need to be made.

This also happens to be Emergency Preparedness week and Rice said they’re reminding British Columbians that they have a role to play when it comes to emergency preparedness.

“It’s also a good time to have a personal preparedness kit ready if not do you have a plan to get one or to build one,” she said.

“Have you sat down with your family and talked about your family plan and what they would do in the case of a major event.”

If you haven’t updated the software on your phone Rice said you have before 1:55 this afternoon to receive the alert.

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