United Way is hosting a community barbeque Thursday (April 18)  in support of the newly formed Riske Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

“I’ve had great start-up support from Phil Megyesi at West Fraser’s Volunteer Fire Department, and I’ve had excellent support from McLeese Lake volunteer fire department, Ian Hicks,” said fire chief Mike Elvin.

“He’s been a great coach also in helping me through the steps and the procedures in setting this up.”

In Williams Lake, Elvin said Chuck’s Automotive, WL Forestry, Taso have been of great assistance in handing out water pump cans and other gear.

He adds that another great contributor has been Gibraltar Mines that has contributed up to this point a dozen thousand-liter clean water totes.

“I feel fantastic about it,” Elvin said.

“I mean it’s great when you’re starting a new business off. You just got to take it step by step.”

The Department currently is currently 15 members strong.

Having already responded to some grass fires, Elvin said the Department is still in need of pumps and small personal first aid kits.

He can be reached at 250-659-5721 or by e-mail jelvin@telus.net.