Two days of gang and gun violence prevention training for local community stakeholders wrapped up in Williams Lake.

Lead trainer for the gang reduction inform practice project for Safer Schools Together, Rob Rai said the training was well represented by the school district, RCMP, and community partners.

“I was excited when the community demonstrates a nice cross-section of caregivers and program delivery staff so we know that we’re getting the right people that are doing the work with vulnerable children,” he said.

Rai said he believes Williams Lake has come a long way from 2016 when there were some challenges in the community.

Williams Lake was one of 12 communities selected for the workshop facilitated by Rai and Dr. Keiron McConnell.

Rai said they will be in Langley, Kelowna, and Abbotsford next month.

“This is our second visit to Williams Lake in the last six months, and Williams Lake has shown some incredible leadership,” he said.

“Instead of saying that everything is fine in Williams Lake and trying to brush everything under the carpet, Williams Lake has said we want to do the best for all children. We are already planning a debrief via telephone next week and I wouldn’t’ be surprised if we were up in Williams Lake again this year to continue our support, advice, and guidance of the community’s efforts.”

“Williams Lake has been really remarkable in saying we want to do more than what’s being offered by the government and this current rate of funding” Rai added.

“The leaders of the community from the RCMP, school district, non-profits have come out and said we will earmark our own resources to continue this great work. I’m incredibly impressed by the people of Williams Lake.”

(Editor’s Note listen to Rob Rai with the author of this report in the audio file below)