A house on Birch Avenue in the Red Bluff area was completely destroyed by fire yesterday.
Mark Rawling, a Duty Officer with the Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department, says they were called to a structure fire at 1:13 pm.
Rawling says he could tell from the downtown fire hall that the fire was already fully involved.
He says it was a modular home that had been renovated and an additional new roof put overtop.
Rawling says the problem they had with the fire was that it was between the two roofs so it took quite a while to extinguish it.
He says a vehicle next to the home was also destroyed.
Rawling says there were people home at the time but there were no injuries.
He says an investigation into the cause of the fire continues but he says nothing looks suspicious at this point.
Rawling says “looky-loos” were a huge problem yesterday as cars were lined up on both sides of the street making it difficult for them to get in.