Fresh off the success of the grand opening of JAK’S Beer Wine Spirits in Williams Lake last month, Muse Cannabis is exploring to add a recreational cannabis store.

“We have been so excited and so pleased with the support we have received in Williams Lake, and the enthusiasm for our JAK’s brand that it makes us excited about the prospect of bringing a Muse Cannabis store to the Williams Lake community as well,” said Mike McKee, Partner and CFO of Muse Cannabis.

“What we’re doing is speaking with the landlord at Prosperity Ridge as well as looking into the local municipal rules and regulations. So we’re just getting started on that and based on our experience with liquor we think it would take anywhere from 12 to 14 months to get the process done and through.”

“It’s early days, but based on the success of JAK’S we’re very keen on the market.”

If approved, Muse Cannabis aims to have a store in Williams Lake and seven other B.C. locations open by June 2020.

“The concept got started probably about two years ago once the family business saw that recreational cannabis was moving forward and we thought our experience in the controlled substance base with liquor would make cannabis a great fit for us,” McKee said.

“We basically developed a brand and we had to look and field the brand. We’ve been very pleased with the high touch, high-end, and very customer focused type brand that we have with JAK’S and we felt that that would be a great fit for Muse as well so Muse is cut from a very similar cloth in that it is going to be larger format type location.”

“Often a dispensary might be 800 square feet. We’re looking at over 3,000 and we’re also going to make sure that the store is staffed with people that are passionate about cannabis to make sure that our customers are getting the very best experience possible.”

Muse South Granville is tentatively set to open in May 2019, with Campbell River’s opening scheduled for June 2019.