We could see a record-breaking temperature in the Cariboo this week and definitely above normal.

That piece of good news comes from Bobby Sehkon, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada.

He says the best chance for a record will be in Williams Lake, where the records don’t go back as far…

“So we may not beat any records in the Quesnel area. However, Williams Lake, we don’t have records going as far back so those records are possibly in contention to be broken. For example, on the 20th of March, which is Wednesday, the record is 14.6 degrees celsius and our forecasted high is 15 degrees, so it’s going to be very close to that.”

Sehkon says that record is from 1999.

The record for the Lake City for today is 12.2 from 1997 and it is 13.3 degrees for tomorrow on March 19th.

The records for Quesnel go back much further and are also much warmer…

“For Quesnel, today’s record is 17.2 degrees celsius from 1901, tomorrow’s is 16.7 degrees from 1896, and for Wednesday the 20th for Quesnel is 19.4 degrees celsius from 1960.”

Sehkon says the average high for this time of year is just plus 10 however, and he expects the Cariboo to be above that for at least the next couple of weeks.