The Principal of Tatla Lake Elementary-Junior Secondary says it was an afternoon of celebrating for their eleven students.

The School learned Friday it will be receiving $90,000 from the Province for a new playground.

“Here it is the last day before spring break and we get this exciting news, and we’ve had Mary Forbes here with us this afternoon,” Principal Clare Gordon told MyCaribooNow.

“She’s one of our trustees and she’s been teaching us all about recycling as we’re trying to become a waste-free school so it’s been a great day.

Gordon says the School’s PAC has been raising money to try to buy a new playground for many, many years.

“We’re a tiny school and the community has been so generous, but it’s so hard to come up with the kind of money that a new playground costs so this is fantastic.”

The Province’s Ministry of Education said it will be investing $5 million dollars in 50 new playgrounds in 34 school districts around B.C. this year through the Playground Equipment Program.

Gordon says the School has some pieces of equipment including teeter-totters and some old metal slides that need to be taken down as they don’t meet current safety standards.

“We’re hoping that it will be installed by September.”