Secreary-Treasurer Bettina Ketcham says it starts off with today’s funding announcement from the Ministry of Education which she says sort of sets the tone for the entire process in 2019-2020…

“We have a general idea. We submit enrollment levels back in February which generally gives us a picture whether we’re in declining enrollment or staying status quo. Happy to report that the District is reporting status quo levels for enrollment for next school year. Of course things are subject to change as we don’t know what the influx movements are for individuals moving into our community.”

After today, Ketcham says the next steps will be to meet with the administrative team after spring break, as well as with some other groups…

“The partner groups, Quesnel District Teachers Association and CUPE and our Pricnipals will be meeting with us on April 30th, that is a closed door meeting for those groups only. The public will have an opportunity to provide input on May 8th at 3:30 at the District office. We will be putting out announcements to our standing groups. That includes DPAC, Aboriginal Education Council and Canadian Parents for French. And of course we’ll be putting out just the notice to allow the public to join us for that session too.”


Ketcham says the public will get a chance to provide input on May 8th at the District Office.

She says the Board of Education will approve the budget on May 15th at the regular board meeting, and it has to be submitted to the Ministry by the end of June.