It was the first board of education meeting for the new superintendent of schools for School District 27.

Chris van der Mark told MyCaribooNow Thursday evening he’s super excited to be here.

“I think people are ready for things to move forward after there’s been a fair bit of transition, and I think that’s always hard on people but it’s exciting,” he said.

“I think we’re at an exciting spot. We got a board that’s super keen, we got partner groups that are really keen, and we get to start getting to work and making sure that we’re making a difference for kids.”

van der Mark who is an educator and also former superintendent of schools for District 54-Bulkey Valley said he and his wife will be house hunting in Williams Lake for the next couple of days.

“I’m not technically here yet. I came in today for this….and then I’ve got some things to wrap up in my former/current district and then I will be on the ground here April 1st.”

Special Advisor Mike McKay who will be leaving the District on Sunday, March 31 said he knows that van der Mark will serve the District well and will be a good educational leader.