Quesnel’s Board of Education has decided not to take a pay increase this year.

Trustees voted on a proposed three percent hike at last night’s meeting.

Board Chair Gloria Jackson…

“We had four Trustees out of seven in attendance last night at the meeting, and it ended up actually being a tie vote and the motion on the floor was to accept the three percent CPI index increase, and because it was a tie vote, as per policy, the question was declared defeated.”

Jackson and Trustee Tony Goulet were opposed to an increase while Dave Chapman and Julie-Anne Runge were in favour.

Jackson says the Board also took another vote…

“We have a policy, 131, that deals with Trustee remuneration, so at the end of our vote on the one motion regarding the CPI index on accepting or not accepting it. There was also a motion put forward to take a look at that policy, and just make sure that it’s clean and doesn’t cause any confusion.”

The three percent increase, if it was accepted, would have bumped up Trustee pay by 420 dollars annually.

The Chair would have made $15,008, the Vice Chair $13,841 and Trustees would have earned $12,673 annually.