100 Mile District Council laid out their 5 year fiscal plan in a public consultation Tuesday night.

In addition to its plan to be completely debt free by 2024, which will save the district $95,000 a year in interest, the district is working on several infrastructure projects in the near future, such as water system upgrades and sidewalk projects.

Mayor Mitch Campsall says another project that has needed attention for some time is the bridge on Horse Lake road by the Fire Hall. “Its a 3 to 4 million dollar project. Its cost of a fortune over the last ten years. Every time we have to work on that bridge its not been a cheap dollar.”

Campsall says the bridge has been an expense since it was acquired by the district from the department of highways. He says the district will be applying for a grant for the project.

Other upcoming work will be replacement of the district street sweeper unit as well as upcoming replacement of Fire Rescue unit 206.