School Trustee Remuneration is back on the table at tonight’s School Board meeting in Quesnel.

Board Chair Gloria Jackson…

“We look at our remuneration every March and that’s in our policy and it’s based on the CPI index, so we look at what the CPI index is, and then Trustees will be voting whether or not to accept the increase or not.”

The Consumer Price Index is at 3 percent for this year so that would mean an increase across the board of 420 dollars annually.

Jackson, speaking for herself, talks about some of the things she thinks about when making a decision…

“Certainly when we’re in negotiations and we certainly look at all the factors and all our employee groups when we deliberate and consider whether or not to take the increase or not.”

The increase, if accepted, would bump the Chair’s remuneration up to $15,008.

The Vice Chair would get $13,841 and Trustees would earn $12,673 annually.