The shift to daylight savings time takes place this weekend, but most British Columbians are unsure of the reasons for daylight savings time.

This from a recent survey conducted by BC Hydro.

“58 percent of people surveyed believe the purpose of daylight savings is to give us more sunlight during waking hours, which it does, but it’s actually to save energy,” said BC Hydro spokesperson Geoff Hastings.

“That’s why we’ve been doing that for over 100 years in Canada. 18 percent of people surveyed answered that correctly.”

The survey noted that 56 percent of British Columbians would rather stay on standard time, and 35 percent say the change has an adverse effect on them.

Several studies have found that daylight savings has no effect on energy usage, and one Alberta study even says it has the opposite effect, using more.

BC Hydro is doing further research and will release a report on energy usage in the fall.