Work is underway to follow through on some of the recommendations in the Safer Quesnel Report to address crime in the community.

An update was provided at this week’s City Council meeting.

It includes putting together a safer working group to identify the various tools that are available.

Some work on increasing RCMP resourcing is also underway.

Tanya Turner is the Director of Development Services…

“After speaking with the RCMP and as part of the 2019 budget process Council approved adding two officers to the authorized compliment of officers funded in the City.”

Other pieces to the plan include putting together a plan on how to utilize staff at the satellite Spirit Square store front and dealing with problem properties…

“The city is in the process of reviewing and updating our current bylaws and policies, including drafting a bylaw to deal with the upkeep and minimum standards of rental properties in the community. There is also a suite of bylaws to address these concerns that will be brought forward to the Public Safety and Policing Committee for consideration moving forward.”

Council has also sent a letter to crown counsel encouraging them to deal with chronic and prolific offenders differently.

The consultant will be back in Quesnel this week and Mayor Bob Simpson says they plan to meet with a number of stakeholders to start talking about how to collectively act on this, with the business improvement areas, health agencies, and some social services agencies.

Simpson says “the bottom line is we’re using every tool that is available to us to advance making our community safer and our neighbourhoods and our streets safer.”