One of British Columbia’s major rivers may be at risk if more steps are not taken to stop greenhouse gas emissions according to a new study from UNBC.

The study looked at how global warming will affect the Fraser River basin causing more water flow in winter and less in summer.

UNBC Research Associate, Dr. Siraj Islam said the government needs to take steps to address the change in water flow.

“The possibilities of floods in the cold season will impact our current infrastructure,” Dr. Islam said.

“Most of our infrastructure especially flood management is set for summer.”

Dr. Islam said communities are going to need to adjust their flood management program to ensure they are prepared for the changing season.

He adds that due to the increased flooding in the winter, in summer there could be drought and an impact on salmon migration.

The next step to stopping the impact is reducing carbon emissions.

“If we somehow change our government policies by reducing greenhouse gases with electric cars or less industrialization, then maybe the future will be different.”

(Files by Sawyer Bogdan-MyPGNow)