As a doctor shortage continues to grow, leaving many without a family doctor, an initiative is hoping to change that.

Dr. Bruce Nicholson, of 100 Mile House shares with us the main goal of the province-wide initiative funded jointly by the government of BC and Doctor of BC.

“We’re going to try, and this is province-wide, to have every person in the province of British Columbia who wants a family doctor to have one.”

Nicholson says attracting doctors to rural areas is proving to be difficult.

“I think the issue really is all the rural areas compete for a diminishing number of potential candidates. The young doctors coming out these days, seem  much less interested practicing in rural positions then they did 30 years ago.”

A GP for Me has launched an online survey for residents to share their thoughts on primary health care at

The survey closes on Oct. 1.

More than 150,000 people across the province are looking for a family doctor.